Free Friday – Introducing You to Pascale Cotton

January 26, 2006 by  

Last week I led a teleclass on goal setting and one of the people on the call is someone I’ve admired for years.  Her name is Pascale Cotton and she lives in Switzerland.  She coaches expats and also works as a translator & trainer.  Her site is

With our flat coaching world I can’t recall when or where we met. What I do remember is that I was impressed with a group she moderates, called Coach Readings.  I asked Pascale if it was okay to share information about Coach Readings.  Over the years I’ve found the information she sends to be invaluable. Pascale agreed and here’s what she sent:

“The goal of the list is to present and discuss publications about coaching (books, articles, newsletters, websites, e-courses, audio, multimedia, software, etc.). Authors are also welcome to publish information about their own publications. The list is moderated (no blabla, no spam).

In order to subscribe for free, please send a blank email to:”

Join and then have a look at the previous information she has shared.  There are some great articles about coaching, coaching in the news, coach quotes, etc. I’ve barely touched the surface.  Something that I REALLY like is the list is moderated so readers are NOT spammed.  Typically there are fewer than a half-dozen messages per month.

Thanks, Pascale!

Have a great weekend,

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