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Our new site

If you recently received my invitation to visit this site, you may be wondering what’s this all about.  It’s our new site!!

Allow me a moment to explain. Last year, my theme/focus was
Thrive in 2005” and I did.  In a BIG Way!

In 2005, my software company, Client Compass [1], was acquired by John Wiley & Sons (the international book publishing house). My Coaches Tool Box reached the maximum number and I closed membership. I’d also closed membership in the Coaches Marketing Series after I sold Client Compass.

Last year I began shifting my coaching business from Turning Point NW [2] to Sage Leaders Inc [3].  Turning Point was registered as an LLC in 2000 when I set up my coaching/consulting business.  As my business grew it was too regional and narrow in focus.  The challenge is that it had, and still has, high hit rates when people search the internet for coaching, leadership development, teambuilding or assessments.

Of course, each of the five businesses also had/has their own e-mail address so that I could differentiate who was contacting me and for what purpose: software, coaching tools, marketing interviews, assessments, teambuilding or for my coaching services.

Here’s something else. As an Executive Coach with the Ken Blanchard Companies, my clients only know about me through that company.  I don’t have a separate e-mail address so they’d receive communication from me from the variety of e-mail addresses.

Then, a coaching business in the UK, 24/7Coaching [4], asked me to be the Senior Editor & Writer for their Corporate Newsletter, News You Can Use 24/7. That meant another e-mail address.

Oh yeah, one more big thing:in the fall of 2005, I bought a Best Year Yet franchise business. Best Year Yet is a unique blend of strategic planning (for a business or for an individual) which is then complemented by ongoing coaching and consulting for a year (for achieving the goals), and it has a powerful and easy-to-use online tracking system.

I love how Best Year Yet helps clients be successful.

Of course, buying the franchise meant another identity and a Best Year Yet e-mail address.  I spent a considerable amount of time and expense going through a rebranding process to incorporate the franchise with my other businesses.  We came with what I thought was a very cool identity, Benego Business Solutions.

Bene = good
Go = short for goals
Good Goals

But that name had it’s own unique problems, as I soon discovered when people didn’t know how to pronounce it, Benego would be spelled wrong, and they couldn’t find the website or e-mails didn’t get through to me. Someone even joked about Benego being a laxative.

I remembered a domain name I’d registered called Desktop Goals [5].  It’s not a very sexy name, but it is self explanatory.  So, a couple of days before the end of 2005 I created the new site for Desktop Goals.

Access all the FREE stuff I like to give away at Desktop Goals [6].

Resources like the FREE Personal Best Year Yet Online Workshop, special reports, white papers, a client self assessment, a mini-course on achieving your goals.  Lot’s of great stuff.

It’s also a site where you can access your Best Year Yet goals directly from your desktop/computer, and Results Newsletter.

This time, though, I wisely did NOT set up another new e-mail address. Since Desktop Goals also resides on the Best Year Yet site, I am now using a Best Year Yet e-mail address.

Does this mean I am abandoning The Leadership Center?

No, it means I am consolidating and simplifying.

There are complications with www.TheLeadershipCenter.com [7] because of another site called www.LeadershipCenter.com [8].  Sometimes people send e-mails to “the other place” which never get through to me.

The Leadership Center is for leadership coaching & consulting, training, assessments, teambuilding and all the other work I do with clients.  Eventually The Leadership Center may be absorbed by Desktop Goals, or perhaps one single identity will emerge to align both businesses.

For 2006, my theme/focus is “Elegant Simplicity.

At the end of 2005, Richard (a former client & now friend) jokingly asked me, “What’s your company’s name this week?”

And in January 2006, my friend Samm, sent an e-mail asking, “So just how many e-mail addresses DO you have?” I counted them and between my current and old businesses, the new business identities I’d tried on in 2005 and my 10 year old web e-mail address, I have — are you ready? — NINE e-mail addresses! Remember, that didn’t even include an e-mail address for Desktop Goals.

Phew!  My head is spinning with all the business identities, websites, and e-mail addresses.

Think about how confusing is it for my family, friends, clients and other coaches to figure out which business I am in and how to contact me?

I told my good friend, Vikki Brock about the complication and confusion and my theme for 2006.  Her remarkably simple solution was this: create one site where everyone can find out about the projects I am working on, where my writing can be found, my strategic alliances, products, the different websites I create (I LOVE designing websites) and other things I’m doing.

Another friend, Patsi Krakoff, renowned for helping people set up blogs, has been urging me to create my own blog.  I’ve resisted for a long time, saying I don’t have the inclination or the time to write a blog.

Well, guess what? I decided it’s finally time, and I created, www.SylvaLeduc.com [9] knowing I’d turn this into a blog. This is where you find my thoughts about leadership development and small business.

So anytime you want to know what I’m up to, just bookmark this site, and stop by occasionally.

To reach me, my e-mail address is syl.leduc@bestyearyet.com [10]

If you send an e-mail to any of my old e-mail addresses, they’ll still get through to me.  I discovered a software program that will allow me to redirect all the old e-mail addresses.