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The Name You Should Never, Ever, Call Me!

It happened again today, I sent out an e-mail to the people on my distribution list and signed my name.  Well, actually I abbreviated my name to S-y-l.

I’ve been abbreviating my name from Sylva to Syl for quite a while.  All I want is for people to recognize the correct pronunciation and spelling of my name. Get rid of the i.

Anyway, I sent out the e-mail and the replies started coming back to me.  They were great e-mails full of insightful comments and ideas I hadn’t thought of before.  And who were they addressed to?  Sylvia!  Uurghghg

How is anyone going to find me if, instead of typing in http://sylvaleduc.com [1] they type in http://sylvialeduc.com [2].  Actually, that’s the easy part because all I had to do was buy the extra domain name, along with http://sylleduc.com [3] and syleduc.com [4].  then forward them all to this domain.

While it’s a nuisance at least people will be able find me and I won’t get e-mails asking why they can’t find the site.

Now if i can just figure out how to get the cashiers at Safeway to stop calling me Sylvia Le Duck

Do you have any unusual name?  Do you consider it a blessing or a curse?

Lesson in Leadership: Be careful with people’s names. If you are a leader in an organization learn the names of your people and learn how to pronounce each name correctly. 

Business Lesson:
1) If you blow the prospective client’s/customer’s name, then you many have blown the deal.  Pay attention!
2) If you think people will spell your name or your company’s name wrong, then just buy the domain name(s) with the other spellings and have them forwarded to the right place.