We're Arizona Bound

March 17, 2006 by  

Today we received notification that the transfer that Bob (my husband) requested was approved.  He is replacing someone who is retiring in Phoenix.

After 28 days of solid rain in January, followed by one cloudy day, there was another month or so of rain.  We’d had it!  We were leaving Seattle.

First stop was LA when Bob was offered a position in the Irvine office. BUT, between the price of housing and the traffic we decided that LA was not for us.

So we we kept planning and talking, talking and planning.  When Bob was asked if he’d like to interview for the job in Phoenix, he/we didn’t hesitate and jumped right in with an exuberant, YES!

We both flew to Phoenix.  If nothing else, we knew it would be great to spend a couple of days in the sun drying out. His interview went well and then the wait began. We waited nearly two weeks. I had flown to San Diego for a business trip and when Bob picked me up this evening, there was a bouquet of flowers in the car.  "Did you really want to move to Phoenix?" he asked. From the crestfallen look on his face I was ready for the bad news.

Then he laughed and said, "We’re moving! I got the job."

So here it is Saint Patrick’s Day and not even green beer. Who cares?  We’re goin’ to Disneyland Phoenix!

We’ve started the six week countdown to pack up, find a new home, wrap up business here and start this next chapter in our lives and in my business. 

Lesson Learned: Make a plan.  Earlier this year I did my own a Best Year Yet plan. It’s something I’ve now done for three years. Each year, in my plan, I’m clear about what I want to have happen during year. And each year it’s been my best year yet.  It’s not magic and not everything comes through exactly the way I want it.  At the same time I accomplish more, at lot more, than if I’d just let the days and the year slip by. 

Make Your Own Plan: You can create your own Best Year Yet plan at www.DesktopGoals.com  Just remember to enter my partner code 279 and it’s free!

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