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My Window on the World

Have you ever had one of those late night epiphanies that also gives you a jolt of inspiration?

Well, I had one last night.  I’d been “working” at brainstorming a new name for this blog. How’s that for any oxymoron: to put brainstorm and work in the same sentence?  It’s like saying. “I’m going to force you to be creative.”

Anyway, I digress.

Late last night I was thinking of my friend and fellow coach, Roberta Hill.  Roberta is a Canadian who is living in Geneva for the next couple of years. She has a number of websites and blogs where she stays connected to people and shares her enormous wealth of knowledge about assessments. One of her blogs, Raising Hill is a fun play on words.

I’d tried thinking of something short and sweet for a name for this site. If you’ve read my previous post about how people spell my name wrong, you’ll know why this has been bugging me. I do have a very long name domain name that’s the same name as of the book I’m writing (more about the book soon).

I tried different combinations of business, leadership, and even business and leadership together.  Nothing.

And then a small voice in my head said “window sill with a y”  WindowSyl Yup!

So that’s the new name of my writing home, http://WindowSyl.com [1].  It’s easy to remember: Syl’s view on the world.  And if the window is closed do I see my own reflection?  Hmmm.

Lessons in Business & Leadership:
1) While you can’t force an idea, it’s okay to give it a bit of a nudge.
2)  Keep a pad of paper and pen by your bed. Or, a waterproof marker-board and pen in the shower. Sometimes great ideas can’t wait until you wake up or dry off.