Re-calculating (that was easy)

May 29, 2006 by  

For the past several days, my husband and I have spent a considerable amount of time with Liz Mulhern, a local Realtor.  Liz has been helping us find our dream home.

Gps Because Bob and I are new to the Phoenix area we decided to bring along my trusty GPS. The navigation voice I chose is an Australian female. I’ve nicknamed, “Sheila.” I’ve found the GPS incredibly helpful when I’m navigating this new locale and Sheila has become my new best friend.

I know I was hooked a couple of weeks ago, when I traveled to New York to meet with some clients.  I was totally dependent upon Sheila to help me find my way as I drove the New York freeways.

Yesterday we took Sheila along with us and Liz quickly became enamored with the GPS system, too.

The area we were searching in North Scottsdale has grown quickly since we lived here four years ago. When we relied on our instincts, we’d often take a wrong turn.

That’s when Sheila, in her ever-patient Aussie accent would immediately utter, “re-caaal-cu-lating”.

It was after yet another wrong term that Liz commented how great it would be, if in our lives, instead of saying something has gone wrong or that we’d made a mistake we could just say we are recalculating.

Think about it and the implications. Your employee makes a mistake and instead of becoming frustrated or angry with the person you just utter, “recalculating!”

Or, at some mid-point in your career you find it’s time to change direction. Yup – recalculating!

Sort of like a do-over button.

Easybutton_3After all, Staples has an easy button, why not a recalculating button?

Leadership Lesson: Even though life doesn’t not come with an easy button, why not have a recalculating option.

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