Turn "To Do" into "Ta Da"

November 10, 2006 by  

I’ve decided to start a new tradition at www.WindowSyl.com, called Free Friday Cool Tools.

You see, I love to find cool tools that help me run my business move efficiently.  As the owner of Client Compass Software, each month I’d publish information about the cool tools I’d uncovered.  After my company was bought out by Wiley & Sons last summer, I had no place to share my finds.

There are lots of tools that I use in my business and want to let others know about them as well.

Hence, Free Friday Cool Tools.   My goal is to share a new tool each week.  Most of them will be free or very low cost.  If you’ve read previous posts you’ll see that Ialready written about some of them.  So, if you want to get on the automatic list, bookmark this page.  For the automatic updates you can either subscribe via the e-mail updates (top of this page – right side) or use an RSS feed.

Here’s the first Free Friday Cool Tool:  how to turn your "todo" lists into TaDa (you’re done!) Lists …

TaDa List is a free service.  It allows you to create multiple todo lists, add to them, reorder, prioritize, and even share your list with others.

TaDa is pretty remarkable.  I’m using it right now to create a pretty hefty list of what we need to do in our new home. I’m also using it for the launch of my new online learning business (more on that later).

I was wondering how TaDa could possibly be free when it’s so valuable.  It’s used as an intro service by BackPack and BaseCamp, their project management software.  I’m using BaseCamp for the development of my new website.

Get started with your own subscription at http://www.tadalist.com


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