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Snow in Arizona? Yes!

Last night I was reminded of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” and the impact of Global Warming.

Or rather, maybe should I say, “Welcome to the Next Ice Age.”   There’s no doubt that this has been a strange winter and it’s one that many people around the world will not forget.  Last week the temperature dipped below freezing and there was a lot of damage to plants.  We’ll have to wait until the spring to learn if any of the Bougainvillea survived.

And now, here in Arizona, we can brag about the white winter wonderland of 2007.  Yes, on Sunday night (Jan 21st) it actually snowed in Phoenix.  These photos look more like this winter’s mess in the Puget Sound, than in Arizona.

When I was on coaching calls today I mentioned to several people that it snowed last night.  “What?!?” was the typical response.  So I thought that I’d share a slide show I found online through one of the local news stations.

Here’s the link http://snipurl.com/AZsnow [1]

Brrrr, makes me cold just thinking about last night.   With weather like this I’m glad that I “meet” with most of my clients over the phone and don’t have to venture out on the freeways.

What’s the winter like in your part of the world?


ps in the next day or so I’ll post the names of the  winners of the Best Year Yet book.