Do you know about Brain-Based Coaching & Neuroscience?

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In mid-June I will be returning to Seattle to attend the ICCO Symposium on Neuroscience and Brain-Based Coaching.   I’m actually on the organizing team for the event. Haven’t heard of ICCO?  It’s the International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations


ICCO evolved from the Executive Coaching Summit (ECS), an annual think-tank of Executive Coaches which takes place two days prior to the start of the ICF conference.  It’s an invitation-only event which has grown from only a handful of people in the late 90s, to about 80 executive coaches. This year we’ll have more than 100 coaches who join us.

I heartily support both the ECS and ICCO and I’ve been privileged to attend the ECS for the past six years. The Summit is one of the highlights for me each year because I reconnect
with colleagues who are top Executive Coaches from around the world.

Last year, for ICCO, I produced the ROI of Coaching as the first in the series called “The Voices of Leaders”.  It’s a CD with three hour long interviews with the leading coaching
experts on the ROI of Coaching: Merrill Anderson, Mary Beth O’Neill and  Jack Phillips.  We introduced the ROI interviews at the ICF/ECS and they are now available through the ICCO

Then, last winter I was honored to have the ICCO board ask me to join them as their technical advisor.

Want to know more?  Visit the Executive Coaching Summit or ICCO websites. If
you have any questions about ICCO, the ECS and how you can get involved, send me an e-mail.  I can be reached at

The Seattle ICCO Symposium

The focus for the Symposium in Seattle is Neurosciences & Brain Based Coaching and we are privileged to have one of the experts in the field, David Rock, with us for the two days.

To learn more about Neurosciences, download and read an article from the International Journal of Coaching in Associations.  The link is HERE

Interested in attending the Seattle Symposium?  This will be a small-group intensive learning experience and a maximum of only 30 people can attend.  There will be 10 corporate/organizational coaches, 10 organizational representatives, and
10 participants who are coaching researchers, educators, trainers, or
associations. Visit the ICCO website to register.

Hope to see you there.

Expect the Best,

ps  Make sure you visit regularly to read about Executive Coaching and Leadership Development.  Now that my “sabbatical” is finished I will be adding lots more information.  Is there a topic on Leadership Development you want to know more about?  Let me know.  If it’s something in my repertoire I’ll add to the blog.  If I don’t know about it then it’s probably a good topic for me to research and write about.

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