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December 10, 2007 by  

Last week I attended a presentation at Grand Canyon University where I listened to Eric Pillmore as he spoke about leadership and trust.  Who is Eric Pillmore?  He was an SVP at Tyco. 

No, not during the "glory days" of Dennis Kozlowski and all his cronies. Pillmoreeric Eric was brought in to rejuvenate the company and its 250,000 employees after being demoralized because of the scandal. One of the first steps he took was to establish four critical corporate values: integrity, excellence, teamwork and accountability.  He, along with his team, created a guide book for ethical conduct which was translated into 26 languages.  Then, he was instrumental in training 500 managers to deliver the message about Values & Trust.

They hit the road — visiting employees in  all of Tyco’s divisions.  Simple?   Yes, but not easy.   The y received pushback from employees who said the information was too US centric, saying that if the information was important, not only did it have to be localized (i.e. in the language of the country), it also had to convey local thoughts and ways of doing business.  What I also found interesting was that they incorporated  measurable behaviors which corresponded to the values.

As I was watching the slide set I thought some of the language looked familiar.  Two of the phrases: managerial courage and business acumen, were familiar from Lominger’s Voices 360 assessments. I’m certified in Lominger and use that with Executives when they want to receive feedback about their competencies.

Another presenter, Teri, later spoke, saying there are not any assessments able to measure managerial courage.  Huh?  Lominger’s assessments definitely tap into that dimension.

Afterwards, I spoke with Eric.  I guess I surprised him by asking if they used Lominger 360.  He broke into a grin and said they had indeed used that tool.  Eric has promised that he will send  his PPT presentation in which he goes into much more detail about how they rolled out the transformative  strategy.  A strategy which, BTW, took Tyco from the bottom of the barrel of companies to the the top 10% in terms of turnaround.   

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