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What's TRUST got to do with it?

I recently had the pleasure of listening to a local Phoenix author, Victoria Crawford, talk about her new book, titled “The Art & Practice of Trust.”

Victoria was a presenter at the Phoenix chapter of the ICF — the Greater Phoenix Alliance of Coaches. Through her presentation and guided discussion, we explored why TRUST is one of the foundations of coaching. To me, the subtitle of her book, “Finding Your Way Through Uncertainty, Change & Transition” provided a central key.

When people venture into unknown territories, they are often filled with trepidation. Fear subsides when they realize they’re not the first ones to go into the unknown. And, confidence builds when they discover there is a pathway to follow. The pathway Victoria described is elegant in its simplicity.

We may venture into the unknown with a coach, a friend, a mentor, or only have our self to rely upon. In any case, what we tell ourselves, and the actions we take, determines how we handle change and uncertainty.

Think about the last time you faced a new challenge. Initially, your heartbeat may have quickened while your breathing became more rapid and shallow. So, even though blood was pumping through your veins, you were starving your brain (constrictive). Not a great combination for taking effective action.

As Victoria shared from her years as a yoga instructor, when facing new situations it’s vital to take some deep breaths, the kind in which you can feel your diaphragm go in and out (expansive). Only then can you begin to explore options. It’s the willingness to explore options and increase your awareness that leads you to trust your decisions and take committed actions.

As I was leaving the ICF meeting (which was held at Jobing.com [1]), I saw some walls covered with handwritten comments. Someone told me they are left by former employees, as well as, by people who visit Jobing.com. What struck me was they seemed to be like signposts or markers. Just like those telltale markers we see on hiking paths: the ribbons tied to trees which indicate others have gone before us. Instead of hurrying out the door, I paused, took a deep, full breath, read a few of those messages and then smiled.

In times when the media seems to offer nothing but bad news and dire warnings, it was good to remember others are on this path with us and that trust (in oneself) is the key to success.