11 Keys to Ensure Your Company Survives, Even Thrives, In Uncertain Times

March 11, 2009 by  

To say we are in uncertain times is a gross understatement. Investors are in a quandary trying to decide what to do. Employees are ringing their hands as they watch their 401k and retirement funds dwindle. And business owners are wondering what the future holds and what actions they should be taking.   

As consultants, the last thing any of us can afford to do is allow our own practice and/or clients to play “turtle.” Success will not come from pulling heads into shells and wishing for the best. It is crucial for us to face the reality of the situation and continue to carefully move forward. 

IMC AZ member, Joel Strom, identified 11 Keys to Ensure Your Company Survives, Even Thrives, in Uncertain Times.  For the March ’09 breakfast meeting,  his interactive presentation for IMC AZ members and guests  addressed how to help yourself and your clients get through these tough times in one piece, and maybe even grow a little.

About Joel Strom:  Twenty-five years ago Joel founded his consulting practice with a commitment to help business owners harness their entrepreneurial passion and create successful business growth and personal wealth. As an entrepreneur himself, having grown his own manufacturing company, he knew his clients and audiences would demand direct and realistic solutions that worked…not fads or gimmicks. His consulting practice, and the demand for his presentations and seminars, grew along with his reputation for providing real solutions that businesses and organizations could actually implement. 

 To learn more about Joel’s 11 Keys, visit his website.

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