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More on social networking …

On Friday, Colleen Carmean from ASU presented info on “all things Web 2.0”.   One point she brought up is whether all the free Web 2. 0 tools will survive the economic downturn.  Hmmm, food for thought. Especially if you have lots of information stored on one those free sites.  When my partner and I owned our software company we were constantly forewarning our customers to back up their data.  Hadn’t thought about doing the same for social networking sites. 

During Colleen’s presentation/discussion, one of the questions posed was “how do I decide what to do in Web 2.0 and where do I place my time?”

Great question and one I’m sure is one the minds of many consultants.  Fortunately, Dave Cooke, aka The Sales Cooke is going to address that question in May when he discusses developing a strategy for social networking.

Personally, I can hardly wait.  I am on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Plaxo,  I know what a time soak they can be.   I have evaluated (and ignored) Twitter for a very long time. 

A couple of weeks ago I set up my Twitter account and people can now follow me  @windowsyl

I am following some interesting people and made a few “tweets” of my own but, I’m still not convinced of the utility of Twitter.  To me, too many people on Twitter write so much stuff that is not relevant to business. I know it was initially a way for friends to connect and now there is a blurring of how it is used for personal/business information.

In a brief discussion with Dave after the meeting I said that the type of leaders/executives I coach don’t use Twitter and that it does nothing for search engine ranking.  Dave’s answer made me pause when he said that maybe right how there’s not an algorithm for Twitter, but who knows what will happen in the future.  And that those who are on Twitter now (with a healthy following) will become better known in their field, long term.

If you are wondering about what social networking tools will be helpful for your business and to become better known, then consider attending next month’s meeting.

Even though I am the VP of Programs for this year where it’s important for me to show up for the meetings, this is one I will definitely attend.  I don’t want to be left behind AND I want to use my time effectively.

Sylva Leduc
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