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What if you didn't think you would fail?

Susan Boyle

Who hasn’t heard of her?  Susan is the new singing phenomenon from Britain’s Got Talent.  In less than one week she has endeared herself to more than 20 Million people as we watched her world premiere on the YouTube stage.

Susan didn’t think she would fail. In fact, she said she was going to rock the audience and did a cheeky little dance before Simon Cowell and the whole audience.

What would happen if you had the courage to go after your dreams?

What if we didn’t care that people might laugh at us or mock us because we didn’t fit into a stereotype of what we “should do” or “should look like.”

Well, we might end up like Susan Boyle.  We’d set a goal, never give up hope, look for the right time and when that opportunity showed up we’d seize it.  And sing our hearts out, of course.

To watch Susan’s original performance on YouTube with 26M+ views, Go Here [1].

Here is a 1999 recording of Cry Me A River [2]in which there were only 1000 CDs created for a charity event.  And another recording which predates the charity concert is Killing Me Softly With His Song [3].

Congratulations to Susan.  I hope the media circus isn’t too hard on her because she doesn’t fit the stereotype of beauty.  And I also hope she is able to maintain her image without undergoing too much of a Hollywood makeover.

What do you think, does Susan need a makeover?