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Do you have a social networking strategy?

Last week, Dave Cooke, aka the Sales Cooke, filled our brains with even more information about Social Media.  In his presentation, though, Dave talked about developing a strategy instead of jumping in blindly.

I’m glad he that was the focus of his presentation because I’ve been telling people to do the same thing.  Blogging, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Facebook, Ryze, Ning, Xing, YouTube or Twitter or anything else is only as good as your plan.

Dave sent his PPTs, which will be forwarded to those who attended the meeting.  He also asked me to share the following recommendations for anyone grappling with what to do next:

  1. Define what your business.  What do you provide your clients, the
    value your clients get and the real problems or issues that you solve for your
  2. Determine what people would be looking for if they would be looking
    for the solutions that you are providing.  Is it better hires,
    teamwork, increased revenues, etc.
  3. Defining what businesses are looking for and what your business
    solves is your marketing opportunity.  Develop a plan or a vision for
    how you would promote this combination.
  4. Determine how you would like to best communicate your message –
    written, audio, video, etc.
  5. Start capturing your thoughts and ideas in the selected medium from
    above as it relates to your expertise and share them.
  6. Use Twitter.com to promote your postings.
  7. Use a social networking site (Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo) to
    increase your contacts.
  8. Link Twitter, Social Networking and your chosen medium together and
    get busy.

If anyone has questions, please contact Dave via www.purecooke.com [1]

Sylva Leduc, follow me on Twitter @windowsyl