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Warm Bones

This week I am working in New York.  It’s been such a long time since I’ve flown to work at a client site that I’d forgotten about the stress associated with travel.

When I landed at JFK it was cold and rainy, which was a rude shift after the warmth of Arizona.  I hadn’t realized how quickly I have adapted to the heat of Arizona.  I arrived at our new home in Scottsdale, AZ only a week before I flew back east.

Each morning I’d awakened early to the sun filling the room and I was eager to get to work.  In less than a week I’d gone walking several times even though the temperature was approaching 100 degrees.  I joked with my husband that after living in Seattle for nearly ten years my bones are finally warm.

I’ve always known I am a warm-weather, sun lover and have the freckles to prove it.  I just hadn’t realized the impact that the environment had on my disposition. I get much more done each day.

Leadership Lesson: Environments make a difference in productivity. Does the environment in your organization contribute to high levels of productivity?