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Better Late Than Never?  What Do You Think?
For the past month I have been traveling.  I fondly started calling this my “working vacation.”  I was flying/driving to different cities to see family and friends (aka the vacation) and meeting with the executives whom I coach (the working part).

Every person I met along the way (family, friends, clients and even strangers) received a copy of my new book, “Roadmap to Success.” So the time evolved into a “working vacation, mini book-tour.”

Armed with my laptop and cell phone, I thought I had all the details and contingenicies worked out for staying on top of commitments while I was gone, including writing this weekly Jobseekers Tip.  But I was wrong!

About half way through the trip, my laptop would no longer connect to the internet except through wifi hot spots.  So I had to resort to finding places where I could log-in to my web mail account to check e-mail.

That meant finding coffee shops where I could access e-mail through their (paid) hot spots, finding unsecured networks or begging people to let me use their computer to acccess my web mail account.

This past Friday, I even conducted an early morning teleseminar from a client’s office. I reveled in the luxury of having access to a landline AND a computer. I could relax knowing the call wouldn’t be dropped, there was no cell phone echo and I could work the controls from the computer.

But, for the past two Thursdays, I was either flying or driving and not able to get online to post the job seekers tips.   Therein was my dilemma:  was it better to be late or to not post at all?  My decision was to forego the postings for that week rather than be late.

Right now, I can just imagine that someone is thinking, “Okay, Syl, what does this have to do with jobseeking?”

Well, the similarity lies in applying for a position.  If you see a job posting, when is a good time to apply and when is it is too late?  If you are past a deadline, should you submit a resume anyway?

Here are this week’s simple and straightforward tips about applying for a job:

  1. Prepare your written materials in advance.
  2. Have a backup plan or at least back-up your materials.
  3. Don’t wait until the deadline because you never know what can go wrong.

For jobseekers, create several resume templates you can fine-tune if necessary (read Eric Knott’s previous posting about using MS 2007 templates). Prepare several cover letter templates which you can customize for each job.  Keep back-up copies of everything on a CD or flash drive.

For me, next time I will have my weekly posts written before I leave and save them in draft mode.  I’ll also keep them on a flash drive for portability in case I have to use someone else’s computer again.

Until next week, happy hunting!

Sylva Leduc, MEd, MPEC
Leadership Strategist & Executive Coach
Sage Leadership Strategies

Author, “Roadmap to Success”

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P.S., I’m curious about what other people think about applying late for posted positions.  Have you ever done that?  What were the results?

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