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Desperately Seeking Civility

Anyone who has been reading my blog knows the name of my company is SAGE Leaders.

But, do you know that SAGE is an acronym for “Setting A Great Example” and it’s what leaders need to do consistently.

Why?  Well, think of the Geico ads with that catchy little jingle, “somebody’s watching me” and the kinda’ creepy MoneyEyes.

Hey, leaders, guess what?  Somebody IS watching you.  All the time!

The past couple of weeks have shown an appalling lack of civility on behalf of leaders & public figures in politics, entertainment and sports.  And we’ve all been watching.  We saw a lot of leaders who were not setting a great example.

If you are a leader, or have intentions of becoming one, then don’t make the same mistakes. Even if what you say/do is not captured live (TV), recorded on video (YouTube) or audio (e.g. as an “off the record” comment), remember that Twitter has a very long reach.

And people have long memories.

Have a great weekend,