MENTOR MONDAY: Let’s Talk About Motivation

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This month we explored motivation, how it contributes to employee satisfaction and the direct impact that leaders have on motivation.

This is such an important topic. When we conduct 360 feedback assessments in organizations, employees tell us just what it is their leaders do that is most motivating.  They also tell us what demotivates them the most. After all, a demotivated employee is more likely to quit the company. And we all know the costs of employee turnover.

Podcast for Mentor Monday


Listen to this 30 minute podcast as Sylva Leduc talks about employee retention, employee satisfaction and motivation.  She also talks about the new book by Daniel Pink, called Drive!



During this Mentor Monday call we also discussed Daniel Pink’s new book on motivation.  It’s appropriately called Drive! Below is the video from his recent 20 minute TED Talk.

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MENTOR MONDAY: Want to know how to set better goals?

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Are you one of the 3%?.

It’s been said that it takes 28 days to create a new habit. That means after those infamous new year’s resolutions have been made, if we can just maintain those resolutions for the first fours weeks, we’ll be off and running on the road to success.  Right?

In theory, that’s correct.  In reality, New Year’s Resolutions are largely a waste of time.  Why? Because they are emotional promises with little commitment.

Listen in to this discussion with members of the Sage Leaders community as Sylva Leduc (of Sage Leaders inc.) talks about the 3% and how to increase success through creating SMART goals and a powerful plan of action.

This SAGE podcast is 54 minutes

Let’s make 2010 your Best Year Yet.

Sylva Leduc