Even longer lines at the airport?

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Well, the TSA is at it again with new and “improved” restrictions.

Phase 1 of the Secure Flight Program took effect on May 15th and it requires the name on your airline boarding pass matches your government issued ID.

Not a big deal. Right?

If your driver’s license shows your middle initial, then your initial should be on the ticket, too. If you fly internationally, then the names on your boarding pass have to match your passport. Which means you’ll need to spell out your middle name when you book your flight.

The TSA says it won’t deny boarding, but we’ll see.

Phase 2 begins in August when we have to include our date of birth and gender when making reservations.

Flying between US & Canada? Remember your passport!

Don’t forget that after June 1, all travel between the US and Canada requires a passport.  Until recently, driving across the border was okay with only a driver’s license.

Recently, a friend told me she had to cancel a trip.  She’d flown to Seattle to visit friends and they decided to make a quick trip to Vancouver.  She couldn’t go, though, because she did not bring her passport along.

As a Canadian living in the US, I’ve gotten used to carrying my passport with me whenever I fly anywhere.  But this will be a new habit for my husband.

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