Typical Client Results

Below is a small sampling of the results clients achieved when they partnered with Sylva Leduc and Sage Leaders:

  • CEO needed to increase ability to communicate effectively with the media.  An executive coaching program was customized which included presentation skills, executive presence, video simulations and media training.  This CEO now confidently conveys the value of the products sold by her company.  She is unflappable — even on television.
  • Senior Vice-President faced a challenging situation because he was not incorporating “people skills” into his leadership style.  Many wanted to quit because they didn’t feel appreciated and he offended people on his team. Actually, he was regarded as a “bully.” Through shadow coaching and onsite executive coaching, he learned about the impact his non-verbal behaviors had on others.  In less than a year he revamped his style and became regarded as a trusted leader to his employees.
  • CEO in a non-profit wanted to increase revenues through grants and gift giving without everyone relying solely on her to be the rainmaker.  She learned how to “share the wealth” by delegating more effectively. And she learned to say no to requests that would distract her (and her leadership team), from the goals they set for the year.  As a result, they had their best year ever: They exceed all their financial targets because they increased their revenues by more than 50%.

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