Speaking & Training

Sylva is an international speaker who focuses on leadership, onboarding for new leaders, managing change, employee retention and the development of  coaching skills for managers/leaders.

What you get when you engage Sylva as a speaker:

  • an energetic presenter who interacts with the audience
  • thought leader
  • practical and pragmatic information
  • tools and takeaways (not just a few but a whole library of resources)

What you do not get when you engage Syl as a speaker:

  • a talking head
  • boredom
  • the same old stuff

To meet the demand to do more (speaking) for less (travel time), Sylva also offers teleconferences and webinars.  Look for the registration form on the right to be automatically notified.  See the lightbulb with the green leaf?    That’s the place.  Grow your leadership with great ideas without having to leave to comfort of your computer.

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